September 12, 2021

I do, but it has to be you

You're totally organized right? I mean, especially for your wedding you're CRAZY organized right? Well, not like Cristina was! Cristina presented me with a 16 page presentation, most of which focused... VIEW POST
August 13, 2021

Say yes again, in fair Verona

You’re not going believe this one. Let’s take it one step at a time, but, it’s a good story, so make sure you read it to the end, especially if you want to know a little bit more about me (spoile... VIEW POST
August 9, 2021

Q&A with bridal accessory designer


You have a sea of ​​options to choose from when it comes to your wedding day accessories. The choices are practically endless and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by small decisions that legitimately ha... VIEW POST
October 27, 2020

A special kind of love

She stole my heart from the start… Lori’s a vivacious young woman, full of character, and sharp personal style, all packaged up within a sparkling personality. But…before anything else, let’s see ... VIEW POST
October 15, 2020

Glory be to Gloria

You want to know someone like Gloria. She's the kind of individual who really pushes the limits on what you think a person can be. She's wildly intelligent (super-doctor-level intelligent), obviously... VIEW POST
September 28, 2020

Aloha, baby!

This dress really steps out of the ordinary. Think, something non-traditional...not white, not gold and very (very) sparkly. Our bride, Leslie, held her colorful and casual wedding in my very favorit... VIEW POST
November 5, 2019

To my fellow Queens,

If you're here it can only mean one thing, you are looking for something extra special. Maybe you're excited but that's not all that you're feeling, is it? The perfect dress...THE perfect ... VIEW POST