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August 9, 2021

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You have a sea of ​​options to choose from when it comes to your wedding day accessories. The choices are practically endless and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by small decisions that legitimately have a big impact.

So many of the usual bridal accessories we have to choose from are, let’s be honest, a little cliché. Less is (always) more, and the few accessories we wear should be beautiful and eye-catching, all without looking forced. The most striking accessory is effortless, capturing both refined taste and great design.

Nea Milano designs and manufactures bridal jewelry that is breathtaking, effortless, and positively dripping with modern and chic luxury; a real breath of fresh air in a sea of ​​boring and repetitive bridal accessories.

I reached out to Anastasia, the (lovely) designer behind the brand, to get answers to some of our most burning questions.

Read on for inside details on what inspires her, and get her thoughts on everything from second looks, wedding day tips, and her thoughts on the Covid inspired micro-wedding.

Q & A

What inspires you? Can you tell us something about your creative process?

Looking for inspiration is really a daily job and you never know where it can find you…walking in the woods, browsing through old magazines, looking at photographs or just looking at ordinary things in a different light or from a different angle. I often make sketches or photos to capture and preserve a creative inspiration. My bag is always full!

Do you make custom pieces?

I love creating something special for my brides. The process of creating a bespoke piece is very challenging because it involves the very personal side of the client and seeing her satisfied face is especially rewarding.

What do you advise brides to consider when choosing their accessories and their dress?

In choosing your bridal look, the most important thing is to be yourself, not to strain or force your style and not to try to impress anyone. Your wedding day is an exciting moment and, to enjoy it, you don’t need distractions like extra high heels or a too-tight skirt. Choose things that make you feel good, comfortable and let you feel like yourself. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to dare! Indeed! Just do it with smarts!

For example, if you’ve never worn earrings but you are considering them for your wedding day, give them try it a few weeks before. Wear a similar pair of earrings all day so you will know in advance if they bother you, give you a headache, and avoid feeling off during your most special day.

How should a bride decide how many (and what kind of) accessories to wear?

Less is more! It’s a rule that the greatest icons of style have taught us, and it’s something I always say to my brides. To decide on the details it’s best to start from the dress, studying the style, the silhouette, the fabric and the details. Add where you’re missing or to make a statement. Too many accessories will take the focus off the most important thing – your happy smile.   

I think brides can use a change of accessories and a subtle change of hair and makeup to create a “second look” with the same dress… thoughts?

This is an excellent opportunity to try something different, be daring with a statement look or simply avoid the agony of choosing between your two favorites. I love the idea of ​​a transformer dress or layered details such as a jacket or a shrug. And, obviously, a beautiful accessory can take any gown to a whole other level.

If you could give each bride a piece of wedding day advice, what would you tell them?

After 10 years from my marriage I always think the same thing: I don’t remember myself dressed as a bride! It was such an exciting and overwhelming day, full of commitments and obligations that I didn’t have a moment to stop, look in the mirror and take a mental picture. So my most sincere advice to all newlyweds is to find that moment of peace to create a memory of yourself that you will keep in your mind forever.

What are your thoughts on the micro-weddings that are becoming normal now, thanks to Covid? What do you think of how weddings have changed?

Oh God! This year is a rather painful issue. Personally, I love small intimate ceremonies where you can enjoy every moment of the day and share it with your loved ones. 2020 forced tons of couples to downsize their event, and this fact has certainly caused tremendous economic damage to the Italian wedding industry. I don’t think this temporary restriction will become a real trend here in Italy. I hope that those couples who opt for a micro-wedding will choose their suppliers more carefully, opting for local artisans and young, niche brands.


I love this! Finally a bride can really express herself on their special day!


I feel the same way! I also love that she makes custom pieces…

Awnalee Visalli

Stunning. Love the florals. Would absolutely wear these for lots of occasions!


Agreed!I want to wear just about everything she makes with denim.

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