Bride and groom kissing and seen from behind in front of a lake and under a canopy of trees in Tuscany Italy dress by designer Angelina Haole photo by luxury wedding photographer Francesco Bognin

Una donna bionda con i capelli raccolti indietro e con gli occhiali, sorride e guarda direttamente nella telecamera, indossa una giacca blu scuro e tiene in mano una tazza di caffè

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When you message us, you are sending a message directly to Angelina. Questions, requests...whatever you might need, we're just a message away.

Imagine you have a sister or good friend who makes custom wedding dresses. You can expect to feel that way when you talk to Angelina and our team.

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How it works

A custom gown is more than a very special dress; it's an experience.

Learn more about how we work and how to get the dress of your dreams and a gown that is perfectly you.

Your wedding dress, like a portrait of you...

As unique as you are, like a portrait, your wedding dress speaks about who you are, how you want to feel, and celebrates your unique beauty.

You're one of a kind...and your dress can be too.

We're accepting virtual bridal appointments

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The Process

A chat over coffee

The first step always includes the time to share a cup of coffee and get to know each other. We'll talk about the details and vibe of your wedding, your budget, and most importantly, we'll explore your vision of how you want to feel that day.

We'll chat about your dreams for your wedding dress, your ideas, preferences, needs, fears, likes, dislikes, and be transformed in the next step into a selection of gowns designed by hand, just for you.

This appointment is available in person in our atelier, or via video call.

Choose your design

The next step sees all your wishes meet design features that are right for you, your body, and your wedding. The result is a series of inspired-by-you designs that explore options and variations for you to choose from.

During your second appointment we'll review your designs and together, we'll choose which perfect gown we'll bring to life. Once we've selected your gown, we'll take a full set of measurements and begin crafting your dream dress.

If you are placing your order over the internet, we will guide you in taking your measurements.

La mano della stilista Angelina Haole è mostrata mentre tiene un'illustrazione di moda sopra un tavolo con pezzi di cartamodelli, campioni di tessuto e altri disegni.

Saying yes to the dress

Once you've decided to work with us and have selected your dress, you'll receive an invitation to a private online portal where you'll find your contract and invoice.

Your order is confirmed with a 50% deposit with several payment options available.

Choosing fabrics and materials

Next, we'll choose your fabrics, a process driven by us but guided by your preferences.

Fit to deliver

Once our team has drafted your pattern, we'll prepare a sample for you to try on, helping us perfect the cut before moving forward and giving us an opportunity to make adjustments.

Your dress is perfected fitting by fitting until it is delivered to you, perfect in every way.

We see a white table with fashion illustrations, pattern pieces and fabric samples. Two sets of hands are touching a fabric sample in what seems to be a selection process

Red Carpet Worthy

A model stands center frame with slicked back hair a bold black cuff bracelet and an oxblood floor length evening gown flying from her hand as she turns at the end of a runway for Vogue Fashion Night Out dress by couture designer Angelina Haole
A model walks the Vogue Fashion's night out runway center frame with her hands on her hips and wearing a bronze strapless evening gown in silk by designer Angelina Haole Verona Italy
a model turns away from the viewer center frame with her hands in her pockets as she turns, her ankle length dress moving behind her on the runway for Vogue Fashion's night out by Angelina Haole designer wedding and evening couture
A model seen center frame wearing a black and gold column shaped evening gown on the runway for Santana Row's fall show by designer Angelina Haole of Verona Italy
A model walking hands in pockets towards viewer center frame, wearing a column shaped evening gown in black and rich fall tones with another model seen in the background wearing a red column shaped evening gown both by couture designer Angelina Haole
A model walks hands in pockets in center frame toward viewer wearing a red column shaped evening gown in silk organza and brocade by couture fashion designer Angelina Haole
A model stands center frame wearing a column shaped backless halter evening gown turned toward the side and looking toward the viewer the runway visible in the background for Vogue Fashion's Night out by designer Angelina Haole
A model stands hands on hips with her side to the viewer and looking at the viewer Vogue fashion night out runway visibile in the background by Angelina Haole Couture designer
A smiling model walks toward the viewer wearing a bold black evening dress floor length with a slit by couture gown designer Angelina Haole
A model is seen walking a runway wearing a green flowing floor length evening gown with a deep v neckline and a high slit by couture gown designer Angelina Haole
A model is seen turning and spinning her gown showing her legs and her high low evening gown in black and metallic green on the runway by couture designer Angelina Haole
A group of models wearing gowns and a tuxedo in reds, blacks, eggplant and white and seen also with a model wearing Carolina Herrera and Ferragamo for a runway show featuring Angelina Haole couture Carolina Herrera and Ferragamo
A model is seen from behind wearing a billowing skirt that follows her as she walks and a the back of a man is visible to her right seen walking gown by couture designer Angelina Haole
A model stands center frame hands in her pockets wearing a pink evening gown in brocade and organza and accessorized with a prominent gold chain for a magazine spread featuring couture designer Angelina Haole
A model is seen jumping forward holding the skirt of her evening gown above her knees so her legs and boots are visible gown in blue and gold by couture designer Angelina Haole for a magazine spread

About Angelina

La Dolce Vita

Californian of origin, Italian by adoption.

Her love brought her to Italy and today it is her love for Soave, as a home for her, for her son, and her atelier.

A love for the bride

Angelina became a wedding dress designer almost by accident... but it seems it was always meant to be.

Even before she could sew, she drew tirelessly and designed evening gowns, without any concept of how they were made. When she finally went to fashion school, she passionately threw herself into complex gowns, more difficult fabrics and corsetry.

It was immediate and profound, her love for evening gowns. And while it's wonderful to dress a woman for fabulous event, most women will never walk a red carpet... but many, if not most, will experience being a bride.

Focusing on wedding dresses means connecting with women at a very special moment in their lives and then making a dress for them and sharing with them an experience they will never forget.

A blonde woman, designer Angelina Haole, is turned towards the right side of the frame, smiling, with her hands on a work surface. She wears a white linen sport coat with a colorful lapel and there are gold lamps over her head and flowers on the table. her hair is pulled back into a chignon.

California girl

Angelina was born and raised in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Working with both the glamour of Los Angeles and side by side with the creativity of the minds and culture of Silicon Valley, has created a truly unique mix of experiences and inspirations that shape our atelier to this day.

The best of the best

From the best in the tech industry (Google, Facebook, Apple...) to the top names in California sport (49ers, Warriors...) Angelina has dressed the best in the bay area in every lane.

Red carpet queen

Red Carpets from Hollywood to New York City…

Angelina and her dresses have also appeared on multiple occasions on American national TV, important magazines, and many, many red carpets.


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La mano della stilista Angelina Haole è mostrata mentre tiene un'illustrazione di moda sopra un tavolo con pezzi di cartamodelli, campioni di tessuto e altri disegni.