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If you’re here it can only mean one thing, you are looking for something extra special. Maybe you’re excited but that’s not all that you’re feeling, is it? The perfect dress…THE perfect dress…no pressure! How many stores have you checked? How many hours of time spent scrolling Insta and Pinterest? That my dear, is a rhetorical question because we all know the answer…it’s A LOT.

It’s confusing, trying to navigate a world-wide-web of options, and even harder to navigate the differences between what we like, and what actually looks good on us. I’ve had the challenge and opportunity to design my own wedding dress (twice, same groom) and even with an avalanche of experience, I really wished I had someone outside of me to help me find my way.

Bottom line, finding beautiful dresses is easy, maybe too easy, which means actually selecting your gown can be one of the most confusing, keep-you-up-at-night experiences ever. That’s where I come in, or at the very least, that’s where this blog will come in.

As time goes on, I’ll share a lot that could be helpful even if we don’t have the pleasure of working together. Information about the custom couture process, detailed profiles of real brides, useful guidance about how to narrow it down and, what to consider when choosing what you’ll wear on your wedding day (or any day for that matter.) We’ll also explore other topics related to weddings as it’s all really connected, isn’t it? We’ll post information from other wedding vendors / professionals to help you consider the things that only a wedding professional could guide you into considering.

My next post will be a little background about me, my career, and how I arrived to move my base from California to Verona, Italy. It’s a good story and a crazy beautiful life full of love, lace, and a whole lot of pizza.

Until next time, Ciao!



An invitation to the Queens

Get in touch for answers to any questions and to schedule a complimentary, and always fun, consultation. Meet Angelina and chat in that very special wedding-day-way about you, your dream dress, and your big day. Always without obligation, of course!

Sposa in abito da sposa senza schienale rivolto verso lo spettatore alzando la mano al mento su uno sfondo di fiori a Vicenza Italia Abito di Angelina Haole Verona