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This dress really steps out of the ordinary. Think, something non-traditional…not white, not gold and very (very) sparkly. Our bride, Leslie, held her colorful and casual wedding in my very favorite place, Maui; my personal favorite among the Hawaiian islands.

“Maui nō ka ‘oi,”

(A quick detour from our bride to give you a little info about me, and you may have already guessed from my Hawaiian last name; my family has deep roots in Maui and it will always be a sacred place to me where I feel most free and at home. If you haven’t been, I recommend it because as we say, “Maui nō ka ‘oi,” or “Maui is the best.” )

Colorful, vibrant and oh-so-magical

Leslie’s wedding was held at the foot of Iao valley, just above Lahaina. It’s a colorful and vibrant setting, with a verifiably magical energy, where the music of crashing waves lulls you no matter what the time of day.

When Leslie told me what she had in mind, I was thrilled. Her personality is so vibrant, her face so expressive, with a smile that stretches and shines like the rainbows of Hawaii. Of course she wanted to sparkle, that’s what she does!

It had to be fun

Making her dress, we had to keep in mind that she is a rather tiny woman with an impressive bust that she didn’t want to put on display…so her dress was designed to give her a longer, taller appearance. Above all, she wanted to wear something super glamorous and fun, in contrast to the natural beauty that would surround her in Maui.

Little details, just for her

You can’t always tell from the photos but there are so many couture details that you can only see in person; details that were just for her. It looks like it’s all sequins but, in truth, it’s also hand-beaded with vintage crystals and rhinestones, with extra focus around the neckline, to bounce light around and to put that extra sparkle in her eye.

Leslie, thank you for being you and getting married the only way you ever would…your way.

Aloha, baby!

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This dress really steps out of the ordinary. Think, something non-traditional...not white, not gold and very (very) sparkly. Our bride, Leslie, held her colorful and casual wedding in my very favorit...